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 GEW(Global Entertainement Wrestling) SpringWar 2008

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PostSubject: GEW(Global Entertainement Wrestling) SpringWar 2008   Wed Apr 23, 2008 4:26 am

This past saturday, i went to a wrestling show of my Hometown wrestling Promotion the GEW. The name of the show was SpringWar and it was held inside a Jam packed Gymnasium of the Sacre Coeur High School in front of 250 screaming fans.

The show started with a dark match. A tag team match pitting the former GEW tag team champions the powerhouse Real and the Hight Flyer Van Hawk (They are both former GEW heavyweight champion too) vs Team Mitch, Kav the wave and Dave the Wave (They are the team managed by wrestler Surfer Mitch). In this match the youg team of Team Mitch, gave more one hell of a ride to the Veterent tandem of Real and Van Hawk, but the expérience of the former tag team champions proved to be the downfall of Team Mitch as Van Hawk used a 450 splash to finish Kev and Real powerbombed Dave. So thw winners by pinfall Real and Van Hawk.

Then Carol, the ring announcer came to the ring to inform us of the usual rules to respect and we had a 10 minutes break.

After the 10 minutes elapsed, Springwar officialy started. As Carol was about to introduce the Participants in the first match, the Boss MR Robert came down to the ring with the GEW diva's champion Sweet Cherrie and his protege Dxtrem. Mr Robert Called Van Hawk out and told him that since he has overcame every chalenge that the Boss putted in front of him in order to get a title shot, that he would get his title shot and then said here comes your opponent for the title, and pointed to the entrance Ramp. But that ended up being a swerve as Cherrie grabed the mike and told Van Hawk " Guess What boy! Im your opponent!" Dxtrem suprised Van Hawk who was protesting about this stupid Decision, with a Stiff Superkick in the Jaw that knocked Van Hawk for the 3 count. Thats prompted an angry Malicia Kalamity to come out and issue a chalenge to Cherrie and Dxtrem for an intergender tag match. A match that Mr Robert agreed to.

Dxtreme and Sweet Cherrie and the team of Van Hawk and Malicia, whent on tooth and nails for a good 15 minutes. Both teams exchanged the lead in the match from time to time. But eventualy the dirty tactics of Cherrie and Dxtrem proved to be the downfall of Malicia and Van Hawk as they fall victims of an illegal double team and as a result Dxtrem and Sweet Cherrie won this match.

Then after the match was over, Mr Robert selected 6 superstar that would take part in a apecial six man tag match later in the night. Team number one hapenned to be an actual team of the GEW as the trio formed of Freshness, K-Clown and King Hammer got their name picked in the hat and their opponents, names were Matt Bash, the Mysterious masked man Black Warrior and the talented Zircon. After that all of the guys left to the back as the Ring announcer Carol introduced the participants for the next match.

The Second match of the show and the third match of the night was a match between David Knox and a Mystery opponent that was chosen by Surfer Mitch. The mistery guy ended up being our own pirate the Captain James Morgan. After a heated battle, Captain Morgan whent for a suicide dive from the top turnbuckle and ended up crashing on the Referee who was in the way in the midle of the ring. Knox took his little brief case and tried to use it on Morgan and nailed him hard with it. Then Surfer Mitch's music started to play and while his team came by the entrance way to distract David Knox, Mitch came from underneath the ring and hit David Knox with a bodyslam followed by a devastating leap from the top rope. Captain Morgan took advantage of the situation and putted David Knox into a combination of flatliner and neckbreaker to score the pinfall.

Then it was time for the match in witch i was implicated in the entrance of one of the wrestlers. As you know, in the NHL Playoffs the Montreal Canadians were going against the Boston Bruins in the first round and the guys in the back were kind enough to let us know about the score of the game. And on that occasion i was wearing my montreal Canadiens Jersey. And When the announcer introduced Marty Boston came out wearing a Boston Bruins shirt witch raised the ire of the fans. When Marty spotted me with my Canadiens Jersey and confronted me a little bit. So i stood up and came face to face with him. He barked to me that the Canadiens would be in the golf course after the 7 game of the series and i responded that Montreal would send the Boston Bruins into the golf course and i grabbed the Canadiens Logo of my shirt and putted it right in his face witch earned me a little slap on the cheek.

In that match, Marty Boston wrestled a new guy who was making his in ring debut. Sorry but i dont remember the name of that wrestler. The young guy gave Marty Boston a good oposition. Hell he whent as far as to bring Marty to me so i can slap him. And not only did i slapped him, i also chopped him in the chest. Of course that was all approved by the Promoter and the Security guys. But unfortunatly for the young Wrestler, Marty's experience proved to be to much for him and Marty Boston won the match.

Then it was time for a little intermission. So during that break i whent to the back and chatted a little bit with Marty Boston and we had a good laugh about what happened a few minutes earlier. I also talked to a few of the guys in the back and went back to my seat.

Then it was time for the Tag team title match. The team of Steve Blackwell and Yvan sullivan were chalenging the tag team chapions The Army, the team of Predator John Dundee and Colonel Richard and managed by Sergent Hamel. This match was probably one of the most funny match ever. Sullivan came to the ring with a bottle of Gatorade and at one point Dundee took the bottle and a drink a bit of the Orange Gatorade. And Sullivan was a little upset about that and yelled "Hey thats my Gatorade" and Dundee yelled back "Hey im thirsty" so everyone in the stands started laughing. Then Colonel Richard used a foreign object in the match and slipped it back to their manager the Sarge Hamel. Blackwell was upset and asked the referee to check both guys from the army. Dundee tells the referee to Go ahead because they are clean but that was not the case as Colonel Richard used a pair of brass knucks on their opponents and the referee signaled for the bell to be rigned. So Sullivan and Blackwell won by DQ but the Army retained their titles.

Then it was time for a one on one match pitting Surfer Mitch against a mistery opponent that was selected by David Knox. Knox selected the efiminate powerhouse Solid who came to the ring with Mitch's old entrance music and one of Mitch's shirt. This match was a solid technical one were both guys went hold for hold and blow for blow. Until David Knox's valet Dasy Domino came to the ring to distract Mitch and his flunkies. meanwhile Knox came to the ring and smashed his breifcase in the back of Mitch's head. Solid took advantage of the situation and finished off Mitch with a superplex.

Then Carol the ring announcer, introduced GEW diva Josianne the Pussycat for her scheduled match against Mary Lollipop. But unfortunatly for her it was Dxtrem who came to the ring and confronted her. Showing that she was not affraid of him she slapped him flush in the face and started to punch him. Dxtrem retaliated and pummeled him for several minute and during this Sweet Cherrie showed her face and cheered Dxtrem. But fortunatly for Josianne, Solid came in and made the save and Josianne took the mike and chalenged Cherrie and Dxtrem for a mix tag match with the Women's title at the upcomming show Uprising, a show that will be held at the end of may at the Leonard Grondin Arena in Granby.

It was then time for the six man tag team match with the winners to be qualified in the 6 man TLC match for the provincial title. The team of Freshness King Hammer and Killer Clown came to the ring first acompanied by the classy devil diva Mercedes. Then Matt Bash made his way to the ring followed by Black Warrior and Zircon came in last. This match was full of action And suprisingly the team of Zircon, Matt Bash and Black Warrior showed some good chemistry unlike the other trio. There was some funny tags as Matt Bash tagged in Zircon with a slap in the face, and Later Zircon tagged in Black Warrior with a slap behind the head. Unfortunatly for the experienced trio of Freshness, King Hammer and Killer Clown, Black Warrior's power proved to be to mutch for them as he planted K-Clown with a sitout powerslam for the victory and qualifying himself, Zircon and Matt Bash for the TLC that will be held at Uprising in the end of may. After the match Mercedes, Freshness and King Hammer attacked Killer Clown and leaved him behind like a no good peice of trash.

Then it was time for the main event of the night. The GEW heavyweight champion Simon Sez was stepping in the ring against the Former Champion Real in a non title match, with the stipulation that if Real was the winner he would be added in the already schedulled match between the Number one contender Magnificent Zero and the Champ Simon Sez. Unfortunatly for real, outside interferences from Sez's manager Kurtis Kurt and Mercedes team of King Hammer and Freshness, making this match a no contest. Magnificent Zero made his way to the ring and helped Real get rid of those guys and and impromptu tag team match erupted. Real and Zero vs Simon Sez and King Hammer. This match lasted about 10 minutes and Zero took Simon Sez by suprise with his own version of the RKO making the fans erupt into a loud cheer for Magnificent Zero who scored the pinfall for the win. Sending a message to Simon Sez to watch himself at uprising.

So in all honnesty, i had a lot of fun at this show. And the best part of it is that i whent to school with at least half of the wrestlers of this company. Also i just heard that former WWE wrestler Sylvan Grenier will be in a match at Uprising and Sexxxy Eddie will also be there as well. So this match promesses to be good. Also another veterant wrestler who made his in ring debut in the old Montreal Territory will also be in a match. This wrestler is the legendary Sunny War Cloud. I dont know yet if i will attend Uprising this year because all of the 275 VIP tickets have been sold since the middle of april. But rest assured that if i go to the show, i will post my report, right here for you all.

If you want to know more about this fed, all you have to do is visit the www.GEW.ca and dont worry the web site is both french and english. And you can see some matches by clicking on the GEW zone section and follow the instruction. The matches are described in english.

Thanks for reading this special report from the wrestling show i attended this past saturday and i hope you have enjoyed it.
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GEW(Global Entertainement Wrestling) SpringWar 2008
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